Venice Project: Vinny V3D

Posted on Jul 18, 2011 in Projects

WARNING: May need 3D Glasses for full effect.

Vinny V3D is an abstract artist who specializes with paint and tonalities to make a true 3D image come alive. At first, these look like simple splatter pieces, but after wearing the 3D glasses and going through Vinny’s Art Walk in Venice beach, I was blown away.
So amazed, I later bought two pieces that now hang in my room. Vinny also makes custom art deco and apparel.

I urge you all to go down to 811 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291…aka Venice Beach…and support local artists like Vinny.

More to come on the Venice Project.

P.S. Took a few frames of Vinny and his business partner then treated the photographs in a similar way that Vinny does with tonalities to make the 3D effect. The last two shots are the pieces that I bough from Vinny.

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