Engagement Portraits with Stacey & Todd

Posted on Jul 6, 2013 in Blog

I have the wonderful pleasure of photographing Stacey & Todd’s wedding next year, so they needed engagement portraits for the save the date invite card.  I shot in North Andover at the Stevens-Coolidge Estate; if you ever have the pleasure of walking around this property it is nothing but spectacular.  Enjoy the photos!

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Let’s Get Lost – 35mm Film Developed with Caffenol

Posted on May 12, 2013 in Blog, Projects

Caffenol is a photographic alternative process whereby caffeine, sodium carbonate and optionally Vitamin C are used in aqueous solution as a film and print photographic developer.[1][2]

Other basic (as opposed to acidic) chemicals can be used in place of sodium carbonate, however sodium carbonate is the most common.[1]

There are many formulas for caffenol. All are based on preparations which contain caffeine (i.e. coffee and tea) and a pH modifier, most often sodium carbonate.[2][3] The chemistry of caffenol developers is based on the action of the reducing agent caffeic acid as well as caffeine.

I suggest reading The Caffenol Cookbook, this intensive guide gives tutorials, chemistry, and the how to when it comes to developing film using caffenol.

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Meet the Actress – Ashley Morton

Posted on Apr 21, 2013 in Blog

I recently helped out a friend, Ashley Morton, for some head shots. She frequently acts in plays through out the New England area and did not have any professional images.  We shot at the Boston Commons because there are many different lighting scenarios you can play on as a photographer.  We picked an interesting day to shoot, just days after the Boston Marathon Bombings; the national guard was camped out in the park across the street. Ashley and I were to meet at the George Washington statue; I got there a bit early to do some location scouting.  While I was strolling around I noticed every single cop was giving me the stink eye; this has never really happened to me before…if you have ever seen me I am pretty unassuming.  Then it clicked in my head, I have the weirdest, biggest, bulging black backpack you can ever have.  My photo bag is so stuffed with lenses, gels, flashes, ect that it is HUGE…and in their minds looked like a bomb.  The staring eyes of the cops finally went away when Ashley walked up to me  & we began to shoot.  Anyway, that is just a little back story.  Here is Ashley!

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We Roam the Night – Cinemagraphs

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Blog, Case Studies, Inspiration

The Avenue of the Giant Redwoods During the Night Cinemagraph.  These images were taken in Humboldt Country in the Avenue of the Giants Redwood Forest in Northern California.  These results are achived bu using a tripod and handheld flash.  I walked around the trees and poped the flashed numerous times from various locations during a 30 second exposure.  The images are processed in photoshop individually then patched together in a .gif for these results. Enjoy!



















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Watching the Waves Crash

Posted on Mar 23, 2013 in Blog, Projects

I was staying at a friends house in Santa Barbara. Everyone went to work; was just crashing on the couch so thought I would do something useful with myself. Took to the Bus from SB to Summerland, CA (only 20 mins) to the Tar Pits. The tar pits bored me; fuck, they sucked. But These waves were crashing in with such might. I ran as fast as I could to a 20 foot rock and climbed it. There I sat for an hour or so…just watching the waves.


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The Golden Gate Bridge: a figure study.

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in Blog, Projects

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Polaroids from California

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 in Blog, Projects

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