Let’s Get Lost – 35mm Film Developed with Caffenol

Posted on May 12, 2013 in Blog, Projects

Caffenol is a photographic alternative process whereby caffeine, sodium carbonate and optionally Vitamin C are used in aqueous solution as a film and print photographic developer.[1][2]

Other basic (as opposed to acidic) chemicals can be used in place of sodium carbonate, however sodium carbonate is the most common.[1]

There are many formulas for caffenol. All are based on preparations which contain caffeine (i.e. coffee and tea) and a pH modifier, most often sodium carbonate.[2][3] The chemistry of caffenol developers is based on the action of the reducing agent caffeic acid as well as caffeine.

I suggest reading The Caffenol Cookbook, this intensive guide gives tutorials, chemistry, and the how to when it comes to developing film using caffenol.

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